Parents Active at West Nairobi School (PAW)


I love the ``community approach`` at WNS where everyone is part of the Rhino community, the Christian oriented teaching and the constant development of infrastructure around the school.

Deuteronomy 6 Vs 6-7

Parents Active at West Nairobi School (PAW) is a dedicated group of volunteer parents who share a common goal: to foster connections and provide unwavering support to West Nairobi School.


We work together to enhance the educational experience of our children by organizing and participating in various school activities that benefit the entire school community.


We recognize the importance of creating a strong bond between parents, students, and the school. We believe that by working together and through our active involvement we can foster a sense of community and togetherness that extends beyond the classroom.

One of the roles of PAW  is organizing and volunteering for school activities such as  fundraising events ,field trips and extracurricular activities. We also host informative seminars that cover a wide range of relevant topics that include, child development,educational trends, mental healthand parenting strategies.


Through these events we aim to empower parents with knowledge and resources that can assist them in their parenting journey.


Our volunteer parents contribute their time and skills to ensure the success of these initiatives. We encourage parents to participate actively in PAW.

By joining PAW you will have the opportunity to connect with other parents who share your dedication to your child’s education. Through our collaboration, we can build a supportive network that promotes the well-being and success of our entire school community.


We actively seek feedback from parents and provide constructive input to the school administration. By voicing our perspectives and suggestions, we contribute to the continuous improvement of the school environment and academic programs.

At PAW we firmly believe that a strong partnership between parents and the school is beneficial in the holistic development of our children. Together, we can create a vibrant and nurturing educational community that prepares our children for a bright future.