Arts Program

At WNS students learn about art.


We look at art. We think about art. We talk about art. We MAKE art.


And through these means, these processes, these techniques, the mysterious gift of art is opened and one finds critical thinking, visual literacy, and artistic expression.

On the adventure of art education, students discover the difference between the texture of simple crayons and complex oil pastel. Brush strokes create movement and direction in the gentle tide of waves.

Subtle variations of bone structure are examined as self portraits communicate identity. Abstraction causes theory to be defined.

Questions of purpose and meaning are asked through artist study.
We ask questions. We erase. We paint. We observe. We play. We make messes. We make meaning. We connect to the world. We learn about art.

Music Program

“Committed to excellence in music because we serve an excellent God”


The WNS Music Department seeks to educate and train the student as a complete musician through professional preparation in performance, theoretical and historical studies. Performance preparation in both vocal and instrumental areas is cultivated by individual instruction and ensemble membership.


WNS currently offers Middle School Band, Middle School General Music, Middle School Choir, and High School Band. Peripatetic tutoring is also available for students throughout the week.

Elementary students have music classes twice a week and two concerts per year.


Middle school students present two concerts per year as well as present an Easter Chapel service which involves choral singing and dramatic readings.

High school students continue on with the instrumental program -band and string ensemble. The students continue to build on understanding the music theory, aural, musical interpretation, music history, different genres of music and performance skills.


WNS seeks to encourage students to set external music goals and is particularly supportive of ABRSM (Associated Board Of the Royal School of Music) Practical and Theory examinations. WNS is a host site for one of the examination centers for students sitting the practical examinations from an ABSRM examiner from London.


At WNS we aim to provide our students with an education that has incorporated technology.

Our computer labs boost of brand new computers and each grade has a computer lesson in their curriculum. We are now offering on-line courses for high school through our sister school Northstar Academy.

Elementary school integrates their lessons with a Digital Classroom in a box using a Kio Kit as well as Kindles and Chrome books. Our classrooms are equipped with projectors and projector screens that can be used as white boards.

We interact with our students and parents through a web-based tool called Sycamore.

Club Programs


Martial Arts