Welcome to West Nairobi School

Welcome to West Nairobi School, home of the Rhinos!!

Welcome to West Nairobi School, home of the Rhinos!!
Thanks for visiting us virtually. We hope throughout your navigation of our website that you will get a sense of who we are and what we are about.
We are here to Teach Truth, Train Minds, and Impact the Kingdom!
We believe academic excellence and Biblical truths can be interwoven. One does not have to be sacrificed for the other.
We desire to develop each and every student academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.
We set out to do this by developing relationships with each and every student and establishing a community.
If you are a prospective parent and researching schools, please reach out to us at admissions@westnairobischool.org. We would love to host you for a campus tour.
If you are a current parent, we want to “thank you!” Thank you for believing in us and entrusting us with your child(ren).
It is an honor and a privilege to partner with you.


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A focus on building early literacy skills across subject areas sets students up to be successful as scholars and prepares them for a myriad of future opportunities.

Middle School

We want every Middle School student at WNS to feel welcomed and appreciated for who God made them to be and to feel safe at school.  When we accomplish these goals, learning in the classroom improves as students are less distracted and more relaxed and confident.

High School

We have a rigorous program that includes many Advanced Placement classes. Our students are well-prepared for college and the workplace.


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What They Say

WNS is home away from home for my children. I feel secure having my kids there. There is also the holistic approach to learning meaning, emotional, spiritual, physical, social, and academia, hence the perfect preparation for the kids to face life on their own later.

John Doe

I appreciate how proactive the teachers are in communicating, my children love the school, their teachers and classmates. I like the school's intentionality around maturing my children not only academically and spiritually, but also the deliberate efforts around social and emotional learning. My son has benefited tremendously from his interactions with the school counselor and elementary principal specifically around discipline issues.

John Doe

I love the ``community approach`` at WNS where everyone is part of the Rhino community, the Christian oriented teaching and the constant development of infrastructure around the school.

John Doe

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🎓  🌟Senior Spotlight!🌟 today is on Alvaro Lopez

1.  Which sports teams or clubs have you participated in at WNS?
During my time at WNS, I participated in Swimming and water polo teams.

2.  Could you share any achievements you have accomplished at WNS?
One of my significant achievements was serving as the swimming captain for both High School and Middle School teams. It was a memorable experience, leading and motivating fellow swimmers in their strengths, which encouraged me to stay dedicated and support them regardless of challenges. The complexity of the sport taught me the importance of perseverance and teamwork.

3.  What lesson have you learned at WNS that you will carry with you for the rest of your life?
The most valuable lesson I learned, which I`ll carry for life, is the profound love teachers have for their students. This has inspired me to extend the same care to others, especially those facing challenges, irrespective of their background. It taught me the importance of helping one another regardless of differences because, ultimately, we share the same humanity.

4.  What will you miss the most about WNS after graduation?
I`ll miss the friendships I`ve built and the strong bonds we`ve formed. I`m grateful for the connections we`ve nurtured. Saying goodbye will be difficult. I`ll also miss the supportive teachers who always lent a helping hand to me and my fellow students whenever needed. Their genuine care and dedication have shown me the true intention of teaching at WNS.

Alvaro, we are excited to celebrate you!! Keep reflecting on God`s glory in your college career.

🎓 The countdown to graduation is on. Join us today in congratulating Gayle Tergat! 🎉

1.  What grade did you join WNS? I`ve been at WNS since second grade, following in the footsteps of my sister.

2.  What aspects of WNS do you appreciate the most? The strong sense of community and belonging, almost like being part of a big family.

3.  Which sports teams or clubs have you actively participated in?  I`ve been involved in football, basketball, and volleyball. Additionally, I`ve been a consistent member of the High School Student Leadership Team. 

4.  Could you share any significant achievements you have accomplished? Notable achievements include winning the NICS student photo contest in fourth grade, serving as team captain for both football and basketball in eighth grade, and continuing as a basketball team captain this year.

5.  In your opinion, what sets WNS apart from other schools you have attended? The combination of caring and dedicated teachers along with the integration of biblical principles into our daily activities, creates a holistic educational experience.

6.  If you were to encourage a prospective student or parent to choose WNS, what would be your key selling points?  I would highlight WNS commitment to academic excellence, which not only prepares you for future success but also fosters a strong character and work ethic essential for life beyond school.

7.  What experiences have had the most impact on you? My experience has been incredibly fulfilling. From memorable band tours in middle school to recent sports achievements, along with the opportunities in Student Leadership, I`ve appreciated the chance to explore my interests and grow as an individual.

8.  What academic field or area of study do you intend to pursue in college, and what drives your passion for this particular path?
I plan to study Public Health in college, driven by my passion for addressing healthcare disparities and making a positive impact on communities` well-being through advocacy and tangible changes in healthcare systems.

Congratulations Gayle, you have been a bright light here at WNS and we are excited to see God work through you in the future. Go Rhino!! 🦏