Secondary School

Thomas Krol

Welcome to West Nairobi Middle and High School!

We are privileged and honored to have the opportunity to work with parents and students from all walks of life. WNS is diverse in culture, heritage, and everyone is welcome.

We continue to maintain the vision of creating life-long learners by providing an education founded on Biblical principles. It is through investing in the lives of the students and building relationships with them that we will be successful in carrying out our vision.

Here at West Nairobi School, we strive to provide a quality Christian education to our students. Our teachers are qualified individuals who have gone through the educational requirements to become certified teachers. Along with being certified teachers, we place a strong emphasis on teacher development and growth. Our teachers stay up to date on the latest educational research and continue to grow professionally in the field of education. You can be confident your son or daughter is receiving a quality education that is developing the skills necessary for them to succeed in the 21st century.

West Nairobi School is growing and we praise the Lord for it. We have had many new construction projects in the past year or two.  Last year we finished up a new covered court and this year we are currently working on a new music building, as well as swimming pools. We are also developing new academic projects. We are focusing on Professional Development & Teacher Mentorship. We are excited about continuing to grow & develop current programs but we are also ecstatic about starting new programs so we can meet the needs of all our students.

I personally, have been in the field of education now for 11 years. This will be my fourth year at West Nairobi School. I believe in the vision, the mission, and I hope you do to. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you and your son / daughter. I have an open door at all times, please stop by and say hello!


Thomas Krol

Secondary Principal

West Nairobi School